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What can you do with a Trademark?

A Registered Trademark can be enforced against any other business that name, or similar for in the same or closely related fields.

The Registered Trademark Owner can sue to claim damages or profit, so it's wise to check for infringements and rule them out before the commencement of trading.

What is a Trademark?

Trademarks protect business names, company names, slogans, logos, brands, website names.

Registered Trademarks govern ownership of a brand, provided they contain the correct legal correct. This is not checked by IP Australia when processing Trademark Applications.

As a consequence, many Trademark Registrations are flawed without the owner ever knowing.

Our Trademark Attorney Firm often apply to IP Australia and has these Registrations terminated when they stand in the way of our client's businesses.

Our clients have a tremendous business advantage because their rivals have no idea of the legislation or Court penalties. You can become a client by registering for our Intellectual Property Pack.

False hope with ASIC Business and Company Registrations

Many businesses wrongly think that their ASIC registered company or business name protects them. When signing up with ASIC they do provide that you need to firstly check for Trademark infringements before Registration.

Our Trademark Attorney Firm can assist and routinely knows what Trademarks need to be search, how to search the Trademark and other related databases, and most important of all, how to interpret what infringes and what doesn't.

We have found many Company and Business Registrations which infringe Trademarks, and have forced the Business owners to stop using their Business or Company Name.

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