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What is a Patent?

A Granted patent provides enforceable rights for an idea, device, substance, method or process.

For your application to be successful, your invention must be new, useful and inventive or innovative.

Who are Patent Attorneys?

Often people consider that lawyers are the go to person to Draft a Patent. In Australia there is a specialised Patent Attorney Degree which is different to a General Law Degree.

A Patent Attorney drafts, files, advises and prosecutes patents for inventions , ideas and innovations. In addition, where there are infringements, Patent Attorneys advise on what to do and can represent in Court, although they usually form part of the legal team in most cases.

Patent Attorneys have the Right of Privilege in their communication with clients on intellectual property matters.

Privilege means a Patent Attorney can discuss any aspect of a client’s business in complete confidentiality.

Attorneys are not compelled to reveal elements of these discussions – or advice given – in any court.

The other difference with a lawyer or solicitor, is that a Patent Attorney has to have a separate technology Degree (usually with Honors or PhD), in Science, Engineering, Software, etc.

To qualify to Register as a Patent Attorney, they must have the technology Degree and have the Patent Attorney qualify, then they apply to Register as a Patent Attorney through the Professional Standards Board.

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Our Patent Services

  • Conduct detailed novelty searches.
  • Provide patentability assessments.
  • Conduct Australian patent infringement searches.
  • Prepare patent applications.
  • Develop patent protection strategies for companies.
  • Ensure registration, renewal and other deadlines are met.
  • Handle Patent Office refusals of patent applications.
  • Conduct patent audits (sale of patent rights).

Did You Know?

Successful patents can be sold or even licensed, earning you income.

Don't Lose Your Idea to a Friend - Consult with us first!

Patent protect your invention or idea today with a Patent Attorney before you disclose your idea to anyone.

Our Patent Attorneys will investigate to provide a patentability assessment.

This will save you from wasted time, effort and money.

Prior disclosures or sales can invalidate your patent application.

Can you D.I.Y.?

Yes, but the risks are substantial.

Handling the process yourself can be difficult, and there is the risk that you forgot an important step or took the wrong step without knowing.

We are specialists in patent law, ensuring all your legal obligations are met and maximising the protective value by accurately defining the content of the patent application.

Patent Law

It is difficult for people to understand the Patent Laws, how they change, and how they are interpreted by the Courts during infringement cases.

Our patent attorneys will draft the correct content for patent applications, taking your headache away.

The Patent Office

The Patents Office is a processing station for patent applications, but they do not provide legal advice.

IP Australia also do not review whether your patent adequately reflects the invention and whether it meets all the Patent Act requirements.

What is The Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorneys of Australia?

Analogous to the Chartered Accountants of Australia for Accountants, the Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia is the representative body for Australian patent and trade mark attorneys.

Patent Attorneys must be Registered for a minimum of 5 years to be a Fellow.

The Director of Australian Patent & Trademark Services is a Fellow (click here).