Intellectual Property (IP) Rights

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Intellectual Property (IP)

IP has many forms.

The most common tangible forms are Patents, Trademarks and Product Design rights.

Patent Attorneys and Trademark Attorneys are legal specialists in protecting ideas in the form of Patent, Trademark and Product Design rights.

Patent Attorneys are often referred to by Businesses as Brand Lawyers, Trademark Lawyers, Patent Lawyers, Patent or Trademark Solicitors.

A good Patent Attorney seeks to:

  1. Ensure Applications provide substantial protective scope,
  2. Ensure that IP Australia, the Patent Office, do not make any mistakes during examination,
  3. Prevent lapsing, through failure to meet obligations or deadlines, and
  4. Minimise or remove risks of expensive conflicts, or IP rights being voided because legislative legal requirements weren't met by the IP owner.

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For protecting idea, inventions, processes, methods and systems.

The legal specialist in this area who can advise you on how to go about protecting your Patent, and associated risks is a Registered Patent Attorney.

Be sure to check your agent is Registered too!

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For protecting the new shape, configuration, ornamentation or pattern of a product.

As with Patents, a Patent Attorney is the specialist who will usually be in the best position to advise on how to go about protecting your idea and yourself from risks.

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For protecting business names, company names, brands, logos, slogans, identities, etc.

Trademarks (sometimes also referred as "trade marks") are fundamental to ownership of a brand.

Many business owners think they own a name because they Registered their business name or company name with ASIC, however this is simply NOT the case.

Brand or Logo ownership is vested in quality Trademark rights.

Trademarks may look easy the way its discussed on the Internet, but a lot of this is misinformed passed on information which is unrealistic.

What is not often talked about is the legislative basis for "owning trademark rights", and Court interpretations. This is not all looked at by IP Australia and the repercussions are huge, in terms of being sued for compensation.

Specialists who advise on trademark conflicts, ensure that proper trademark applications are filed and enforce Trademark Registrations are Trademark Attorneys.

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