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Product Design Protection

What is a Product Design? Product Designs can be registered through IP Australia to provide protection for the visual appearance of a product How do you apply? Our Patent Attorney Firm can prepare and lodge a Design Application. All you need to do is fill out our...

PATENT PROTECTION – How to Patent Your Idea

Author - Alex Ferrante, Director of Australian Patent & Trademark Services Pty Ltd. Patent Traps - What to avoid: 4 Tips for inventors This article is written in general terms to assist and guide inventors and commercialisation institutions to avoid some common...

COFFEE CUPS: Be careful if you copy designs, you could be sued!

Before you sell any product, you should have a Patent Attorney conduct infringement research, and provide clearance (or not) on whether you can do so.
HERE’S WHY: KeepCup (a relatively smaller company) is suing Gloria Jean’s for allegedly copying a design KeepCup owns for a reusable coffee cup.

The Court Orders the Trademark Office to Remove the Trademark

If you filed a trademark and expect a Trademark Attorney to later patch it up, forget it. This Court case demonstrates that is NOT a possibility. Or if you think the Trademark Office advises and checks on legal errors, you may be headed for a disaster as was the case in this recent Federal Court decision: Tham Global Pty Ltd v Insight Clinical Imaging Pty Ltd.

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