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Intellectual Property PROTECTION

Intellectual Property (IP) is a broad term to cover patents, trademarks, designs and many other forms of protection.


Patents protect your ideas, innovations, devices, substances, methods or processes. They can be licenced for income or sold. 



Trademarks allow you to protect your business name, company name, logo, brand, slogan, or website. 


Product Designs protect the new shape or design of a new (or existing) product. For example the new shape of a bicyle helmet, a whiskey glass, etc.



→ 13 years Fellow of the Australian Patent Attorney Institute

→ 21 years Experience

→ Registered Patent Attorney and Trademark Attorney

→ Bus. Mgmt. (Cert IV)

→ B. Sc. (hons) Biotechnology

Alex Ferrante


Why a Patent and Trademark Attorney?

Patent and Trademark Attorney Representation assists to minimise conflicts and ensure that your patents, trademarks and product design applications don’t contain mistakes, problems or lack detail to win enforcement proceedings.

A lot of information is empowering business owners too much, and conseuently Court actions involving DIY applications are resulting in Judges invalidating (voiding) Patent and Trademark Registrations.

There are many legal reasons for this outcome, and usually it is because Patent or Trademark Applicants don’t:

  1. have the legal degree to correctly understand the legals or implications of the details lodged, or the way the details needed to be covered.
  2. comply with the reuqirements of the Patent and Trademark Act.
  3. respond to the Patent Office with the right legal submissions.
  4. should never have been entitled to own the rights, but weren’t aware of it.
  5. created ownership issues by the way they traded or used the idea commercially.  

For this reason it is wise to consult a Patent and Trademark Attorney not just at filing but constantly through your business life.

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"As a startup organisation seeking help with trademarking our company's name and logo we had been directed to Alex Ferrante for some free advice. Alex went above and beyond the call of duty by giving us over an hour of his time when only 30 minutes had been booked. He was very informative, helpful and clear about the process of obtaining a trademark. And he followed up soon after the meeting with the promised summary of our situation and suggested way forward."

– Andy Campbell

"Alex was incredibly helpful, he was clear, concise and comprehensive. I would recommend him to anybody with any doubts about the processes involved."

-Ian Sharam

"A big thank you to Australian Patent and Trademark Services. Alex has given me a precise strategic pathway to follow backed up by his professional advice and knowledge. I highly recommend Alex and his team to guide you in the right direction. Thanks again."

-Gregg Colbert


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