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Australian and New Zealand Registered Patent Attorneys and Trademark Attorneys

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Representing businesses in Australia and Overseas

Don’t D.I.Y. your Intellectual Property, let us Do It For You.

Have a professional implement Intellectual Property so you can get started making sales.

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Australian Patent and Trademark Services Pty Ltd

  • Registered Agents with the Australian and New Zealand Government Patent Offices.
  • An Independent, non-ASX Firm.
  • Fellows of the Australian Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorneys.

Our Story

Established in 2006 we transform businesses ideas into quality Intellectual Property Assets, great for the balance sheet, and are passionate about ensuring our clients do not trade to undermine or void their Intellectual Property (we have succeeded in removing Intellectual Property to safe-guard our client's interests based on voided Intellectual Property).

We have a global network of overseas Patent Lawyers, Trademark Lawyers and Solicitors to assist with rolling out international Intellectual Property plans and to avoid conflicts.

Our Patent Attorney Firm is associated with Patent Lawyers and Trademark Lawyers, and we specialise in Patents, Trademarks and Product Designs.

Australian Patent and Trademark Services Pty Ltd represents Australian and International Companies.

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Our Qualifications

  • Director and Member of the Australian Patent Attorney Institute.
  • Registered Patent and Trademark Attorneys in Australia and New Zealand.

Why Representation

Patent Attorney and Trademark Attorney Representation is essential to ensure no mistakes are made during filing, the application phase, and after Registration when changes to your business or products occur.

Be sceptic of what advice you find online or through unqualified people.

It usually is incorrect or misrepresents legislative requirements.

In Intellectual Property, what is visible above-ground is nothing compared to what lurks in the actual laws beneath.