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Let a professional implement Intellectual Property so you can get started making sales.

Intellectual Property

If filed and maintained correctly, Intellectual Property (IP) becomes an asset that allows you to stop plagiarism and safe-guard your idea.


A granted patent provides enforceable rights for an idea, device, substance, method or process


A trademark can have many forms, including a person’s name, website name, business or company name, letter, number, word(s), sound, smell, shape, logo, picture, moving image, aspect of packaging, or combination of these.


Designs are used for any new or existing product to protect any new shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation.


→ Director and Member of the Australian Patent Attorney Institute

→ Registered Trademark Attorney in Australia and New Zealand

Alex Ferrante

→ 21 Years Experience
→ Registered Patent Attorney
→ Patent Attorney Institute
→ Registered Trademark Attorney
→ Bus Mgmt (Cert IV)
→ B Sc Immunology (Hons)

Why trust a specialist?

Patent Attorney and Trademark Attorney Representation is essential to ensure no mistakes are made during filing, the application phase, and after Registration when changes to your business or products occur.

Be sceptic of what advice you find online or through unqualified people, it’s usually incorrect or it misrepresents legislative requirements.

In Intellectual Property, what is visible above-ground is nothing compared to what lurks in the actual laws beneath.

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"As a startup organisation seeking help with trademarking our company's name and logo we had been directed to Alex Ferrante for some free advice. Alex went above and beyond the call of duty by giving us over an hour of his time when only 30 minutes had been booked. He was very informative, helpful and clear about the process of obtaining a trademark. And he followed up soon after the meeting with the promised summary of our situation and suggested way forward."

– Andy Campbell

"Alex was incredibly helpful, he was clear, concise and comprehensive. I would recommend him to anybody with any doubts about the processes involved."

-Ian Sharam

"A big thank you to Australian Patent and Trademark Services. Alex has given me a precise strategic pathway to follow backed up by his professional advice and knowledge. I highly recommend Alex and his team to guide you in the right direction. Thanks again."

-Gregg Colbert


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